The Proposal


In 2011, we celebrated New Year’s Eve together, and what other place to commemorate such a special evening as well as propose to Eunice than the city of romance, Paris!

After spending Christmas with my family in Malaga, Spain, we arrived at noon on 30 December 2011 to a cloudy and rainy Paris.  We hailed a taxi and checked in at Hotel La Tremoille, which was conveniently located between Champs Elysee and the Eiffel Tower.  Once we had unpacked, we headed straight to the Musée du Louvre to see the famous Mona Lisa.


After about 45 minutes waiting in line to purchase the tickets to the museum and trying to keep each other warm and away from the rain, we explored this gigantic museum for about 2 hours.  As we had a dinner reservation at the restaurant Le Jules Verne which was on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, we made our way there after seeing the famous Mona Lisa.


The First (Original) Planned Proposal - 30 December 2011

Reaching the restaurant Le Jules Verne almost an hour earlier than our reservation, Eunice wanted to visit the highest level of the Eiffel Tower before dinner.  To her puzzlement, I suggested that we have our dinner first instead.  Little did she know that I had planned to propose to her at the highest level of the Eiffel Tower after our dinner, when hopefully there may be a smaller crowd. However, we were told by our waiter that due to the bad weather, the ticket line and entrance to the highest level of the Eiffel Tower would close earlier than usual. We rushed through a sumptuous dinner and managed to enter the highest level in time but found ourselves in the midst of clouds and strong winds. The Champagne Bar, which was at the highest level of the tower, was nothing more than a kiosk serving champagne in plastic flutes. Obviously my plans of proposing to her at the highest level of the Eiffel Tower overseeing the romantic city of Paris and celebrating with a glass of champagne was shot. Not knowing my plans, Eunice graciously requested that we return to the second level to take pictures (where the city was visible) before returning to the hotel.



Our next day started with a good breakfast at the hotel in order to fuel up for our next destinations: the Musée Rodin, the Musée d'Orsay and the Notre Dame before going shopping.




After about 3 hours of happy shopping for Eunice at the Galeries Lafayette, we took the Metro
with our hands full of shopping bags.



As we reached Champs Elysees, we decided to walk up this famous European street and ended up at a nice corner bistro to savour some very tasty French beef. With stomachs as full as our hands, we returned to the hotel to get ready for our scheduled Seine River Champagne Cruise.


The Second Planned Proposal - 31 December 2011

After reaching the port of call for our cruise, we were told that the cruise had been rescheduled to a half hour later. This gave us plenty of time to take some cliché pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower.



As we returned to the port, we were informed the bad news that the sommelier was nowhere to be found and the champagne tasting would therefore not be available.  As I had requested for this special champagne cruise so that there would be more privacy for me to propose, this foiled my backup plan. However, the cruise line was kind enough to let us board and enjoy the cruise on a complimentary basis.


The Third Planned Proposal - 31 December 2011

After enjoying the sights of Paris via the Seine River, we went for a stroll towards the hotel.  Along the way, we dropped by each restaurant in hope of finding an available table for our New Year’s Eve dinner. This was because it was virtually impossible to find or make dinner reservations for the extremely popular New Year’s Eve dinner from Singapore. After many failed attempts, we finally managed to obtain a dinner seating at a cozy restaurant called La Maison de la Truffle just around the corner from our hotel. The New Year’s Eve dinner menu was a fantastic 6 course meal where each course was served with seasonal truffles. After securing our dinner seating, we returned to the hotel to get ready for our dinner.  A special bottle of champagne had already been delivered to our room for the New Year celebrations. With the champagne ready and roses by the side, I was ready to give it another go and ask for her hand in marriage. Being ruffled from having to drop by each restaurant along the way back, I found her in no mood for such a surprise, and hence, I had to wait for the next chance.


The Fourth Planned Proposal - 31 December 2011  

After a delightful meal at La Maison de la Truffle, we strolled down Champs Elysees just minutes before midnight for the New Year countdown.


To our surprise (and disappointment), the countdown in Paris was not as eventful as we had expected because there were no fireworks or an actual countdown.  With just a few blinking lights, we had missed the stroke of midnight and exchanged kisses 5 minutes past midnight. I had missed the opportunity to ask her at the very beginning of the New Year.



The Proposal (Finally!!!) - 1 January 2012

As we returned to the hotel, all dressed up, I decided that I have to ask her now if I wanted to ask her in Paris. Acting as if I was getting ready to take a picture, I asked her to pose and as I approached her for the "picture", I got down on one knee, diamond ring in hand, and asked her "Eunice Ng, will you marry me?" She answered with a yes and a kiss and we popped the champagne!


I told her my eventful tale soon after, where she laughed at me and felt sorry for me because I had to devise so many new backup plans along the way.  But I am glad to be able to share this story with all of you.


I love you Eunice!